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I really wanted to have a separate blog for  In a Minor Key, the blog story of my life, and I just figured out how to transfer over the first two posts to the new site.  However, I will not even attempt to erase them from this site, because, aware of my technological limitations, I know I am likely to erase a lot more than intended.  So, if you desire to follow that story, look up the blog In a Minor Key.  If you are following Diary of a Depression, that is also a separate blog.  I would like to keep this one just for what it says it is – reflections and opinions, occasional bursts of fancy, and other assorted stuff.

The sites are all linked through my original WordPress site, which is, I think:

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Not Mine to Keep | A Poem of Love and Loss

I love this poem! I find it so true of my experience as a mother of boys and girls. Check out her site; everything on it is well worth reading.

Lightning Bug

Family Photo Family Photo

For my girls:

Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh is this child
this woman
who now walks away from me

Always she is walking away…always, she is going

I wish she had come with a note,
like a present with a ribbon tied ’round her wrist
and a card attached
with the words:

“Just passing through.
I will come to you,
into your body, into your home,
into your wallet, your schedule, your dreams
and most of all
into your heart.
But I will not stay.
I’m just passing through.”

She passes through
and in her wake, creates a wind
sometimes a soft spring breeze
that rustles free the seeds of tomorrow
sometimes a tempest that picks up, moves and
rearranges the scenery
into something new, unrecognizable

There is no place through which she passes that goes
untouched, unchanged, unaltered
She goes, but leaves her…

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I feel like Lucy must have felt when she returned after her first trip to Narnia.  She asked her brothers and sister if they’d missed her, but they hadn’t even noticed she had gone.  That was, of course, because she had been gone quite a while in Narnian time, but only for a moment in the time of our world.  To her siblings she had not gone anywhere; she was just still playing hide and seek.

With all my good intentions of sticking with Blogging 101 and Writing 101, so much has intervened, due both to unavoidable circumstances and lack of discipline, that I have been gone for quite some time.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone has noticed.

Mostly, though, I keep the ideas for blogs simmering in the back of my mind or scrawled in notes piled on my desk, because I haven’t given up on blogging or writing; I just have to find my own timetable.  Somewhere between a sense of duty to complete a task, a lethargy brought on by being too busy, and a propensity to let myself get distracted exists that space where I find fulfillment and joy in writing, where I am driven to express myself and desire to communicate and be responded to.  The more I am centered in that space, the more it draws me back and becomes a necessity in my life, not just a hobby.

Overload Alert

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” – Gertrude Stein

I did write something, I really did, but forgot to save it when I went back to look at this quote.

So all I really want to say in answer to this prompt is, “Yes, I agree!”  All the clever or inane things I said and lost were just an example of this.