Not Mine to Keep | A Poem of Love and Loss

I love this poem! I find it so true of my experience as a mother of boys and girls. Check out her site; everything on it is well worth reading.

Lightning Bug

Family Photo Family Photo

For my girls:

Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh is this child
this woman
who now walks away from me

Always she is walking away…always, she is going

I wish she had come with a note,
like a present with a ribbon tied ’round her wrist
and a card attached
with the words:

“Just passing through.
I will come to you,
into your body, into your home,
into your wallet, your schedule, your dreams
and most of all
into your heart.
But I will not stay.
I’m just passing through.”

She passes through
and in her wake, creates a wind
sometimes a soft spring breeze
that rustles free the seeds of tomorrow
sometimes a tempest that picks up, moves and
rearranges the scenery
into something new, unrecognizable

There is no place through which she passes that goes
untouched, unchanged, unaltered
She goes, but leaves her…

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2 Comments on “Not Mine to Keep | A Poem of Love and Loss”

  1. nicholeq says:

    Thanks for sharing my poem with others. I am truly touched. And sorry for taking so long to tell you that! I have been a bit overwhelmed at work and away from the blogosphere for the last couple weeks.

    • mamaemme says:

      My oldest daughter, who is a mother of a six-year-old girl and a 6 month baby boy, loved the poem. I’ve been out of the blogosphere myself for some time…..

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