I feel like Lucy must have felt when she returned after her first trip to Narnia.  She asked her brothers and sister if they’d missed her, but they hadn’t even noticed she had gone.  That was, of course, because she had been gone quite a while in Narnian time, but only for a moment in the time of our world.  To her siblings she had not gone anywhere; she was just still playing hide and seek.

With all my good intentions of sticking with Blogging 101 and Writing 101, so much has intervened, due both to unavoidable circumstances and lack of discipline, that I have been gone for quite some time.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone has noticed.

Mostly, though, I keep the ideas for blogs simmering in the back of my mind or scrawled in notes piled on my desk, because I haven’t given up on blogging or writing; I just have to find my own timetable.  Somewhere between a sense of duty to complete a task, a lethargy brought on by being too busy, and a propensity to let myself get distracted exists that space where I find fulfillment and joy in writing, where I am driven to express myself and desire to communicate and be responded to.  The more I am centered in that space, the more it draws me back and becomes a necessity in my life, not just a hobby.


2 Comments on “Gone?”

  1. lolaguerrero says:

    Aww , your blog makes me smile .
    I feel the same too . When I was on vacation for two weeks and didnt blog
    I thought “oh no , my blog friends will forget all about me . Do they know I’m gone ? Do they miss me ?
    I find bloggers are still reading my site . They visit me .
    So keep on writing , keep showing up , our plate is so full of : things to do . Reserve one day or one hour a day just for you and your writing . Happy blogging . Lola

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