Writing 101: Be Brief: A Love Story

We found the packet of letters after my mother died. During my childhood, the differences between them stood out, there were arguments, and I wondered about divorce.  Then I read their letters to each other. The letters revealed their desire to marry and  the love growing between the quiet, educated, curly redhead who wouldn’t risk her father’s disapproval and the darkly handsome, mustachioed rebel who had gambled away the money saved for college.  My parents, and I never knew that about them until they were both gone.

They had come full circle, though.  During the ten years before my father’s cancer slowed him down, they traveled together in the summers, leaving us behind.  The romance was rekindled, and the letters are a legacy to their love.


2 Comments on “Writing 101: Be Brief: A Love Story”

  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    How good to know they once had that.

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