Sadie and the Chair Monster

Sadie and Mommy took a two-mile walk almost every morning.  They would turn right out of the driveway and walk along their road, passing Mr. Pete’s pastures.  Half-Deck, the brown stallion, stayed in the first pasture.  In the next one were some goats and William, the Great Pyrenees dog who kept them safe.  In the last one were a flock of sheep and Mama Dog, who took good care of the sheep and lambs.  The pastures had electric fences around them to protect the animals.  After the pastures with the animals, there were some woods, and then alternating houses and woods, until they came to Roebud Road on the left.  They turned down Roebud and walked a little way on that road before turning back for home.

One morning, as they were about half a mile down their road, they met an older lady who was in her yard, very confused and needing some help.  Mommy tied Sadie to a metal bench in the neighbors’ yard before helping the lady cross the road and go to the neighbors’ house.  Sadie sat quietly next to the bench and waited for Mommy to come back, and Mommy was so proud of her!

Later that day, Mommy and Sadie went across the back field to visit Mr. George and Miss Patty.  When they got there, Mommy saw that they had visitors with a little baby, who was on the floor with his mother.  Mommy wanted to see the baby, too, but didn’t want Sadie to come in and lick the baby, so she tied Sadie to a wrought-iron metal chair on the porch.  She thought that would be fine, since Sadie  had sat so well earlier that day.  Something was different this time, though.  Perhaps Sadie had been sitting still earlier because the metal bench was cemented into the ground,  and she couldn’t move it.  Maybe she wasn’t worried then because she could see Mommy crossing the street, but she couldn’t see her now, once she had gone into the house, so she wanted to follow her.  Maybe Sadie just wanted to see the baby, too.

At any rate, when Mommy went into the house, Sadie tried to follow her.  Sadie took one step, and when she moved, the iron chair moved behind her.  She took another step, and the chair followed.  After the third step, poor Sadie must have been convinced there was a metal monster behind her!  Down the steps and off the porch she ran, with the metal chair bouncing and banging behind her, and when Mommy looked for her, she was gone!

Mommy ran home across the field and asked Daddy if he had seen Sadie.

“No,” he replied, looking puzzled.

“Well, please go look for her in the woods behind George’s house, because she ran off so fast I didn’t see where she was going,” Mommy told him.

Then Mommy ran out into the road to look for Sadie that way.  No sooner had she gotten there when Mr. Pete drove over in his truck.

“Are you looking for your dog?” he asked Mommy.

“Yes, have you seen her?”  Mommy replied.

“Well, she came running down the road with that chair bouncing and banging behind her, ” he said, ” and scared the animals half to death!  Half-Deck started racing around his pasture, snorting and whinnying.  The goats and the sheep got so frightened that they ran into the electric fence and shocked themselves.  There was a whole lot of barking, baa-ing, and maa-ing, too!”

“Do you know where she went?” Mommy asked him.

“Not exactly; she was moving too fast to see, ” he said.  “But I suspect she followed the route you always walk, because that is what is familiar to her.  Hop in the truck, and we’ll go look for her.”

Down the road they drove, with no sight or sound of Sadie, until they were almost to the turn at Roebud.  They asked a man in his yard if he had seen her.

“Yes,” he said, “she came down here running fast, with a metal chair bouncing and banging behind her.  Then she turned around and headed back the other way;  I think she might be at the neighbors’ .”

Sure enough, when they turned around and headed back, there was Sadie, at the same neighbors’ house they’d stopped at earlier that day.  She was no longer running, because she and the chair had gotten caught on opposite sides of the driveway curb.  She was just sitting there, panting and tired, probably still scared, but at least not being chased by the chair monster that kept bouncing and banging behind her!

Mr. Pete helped Mommy untie Sadie’s leash, which had gotten all in knots, and he took the chair back to Mr. George’s house while Mommy walked Sadie home.  Sadie wasn’t hurt at all, and soon got over being frightened.

In our neighborhood, we still talk about that day.  We can laugh about it now, because everyone is safe, but I wonder if Sadie remembers her adventure and how she stirred up the whole neighborhood when she was chased by the iron chair monster, bouncing and banging behind her.


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