Sadie Finds a Home

I wrote this back in October of 2011; I’d been thinking of a series of “Sadie” stories about our dog, but since much of my writing these days is done in my head and rarely gets put down on paper, it took a while for me to even write this first installment.

My dream was to have them illustrated and published……..but this first attempt sat in my computer until today.  For any of you who are also fans of Korean drama, it was finishing watching Flower Boy Next Door last night that convicted me of my laziness and my lack of faith in myself.  So, here goes, the first adventure of Sadie…


All that Sadie remembered from her puppy days were fear and hunger.  There was a man who frightened and hurt her, and she never got enough food to eat.   When she was taken to the shelter, she was put in an outside pen with some other dogs.  The people there were kind; they spoke gently to her, petted her, and gave her food and water, but….. she was little, and the people were not there much of the time, so the other dogs ate some of her food.  She had nothing of her own:  no toys of her own, no bed of her own, no people that she belonged to.  She didn’t know what it was like to live in a house or to run free in the fields.

One day, a man, a woman, and a teenage girl came to the shelter looking for a dog.  They took different dogs out of the pens and tried walking them on a leash, petting them, and talking to them.  One big, hairy black dog took off running, with the man trying to hold on to the leash!  Another dog refused to walk once she was taken out of the pen.  When it was Sadie’s turn, she walked quietly on the leash.  The man was quiet and gentle, and she was not afraid of him.  The family liked Sadie and decided to adopt her and take her home to live with them.  She was only about a year old, still very young, so they hoped she would learn to love them and be happy living with them.

Sadie liked the people, but she was afraid to get in the car.  When they stopped at the pet store to buy Sadie the things she would need, she was afraid when other dogs came near her, and she snapped at them.  When they got home, she was afraid to go up the stairs to the porch and into the house.  When she was carried into the house, she hid behind a desk in the living room.  She wouldn’t eat, and, when she was taken out on a leash, she wouldn’t go potty.  Everything was so new and strange to her that she was just afraid of it all.

After a few days, though, Sadie started, little by little, getting more comfortable in the new place.  She came out from behind the desk sometimes to be petted.  She ate some food. She began to go on walks and even to go potty outside.  But still, whenever she came in, she would hide behind the desk.

Her family was very patient with Sadie, because they understood that she had not known much love and was so afraid of everything.  They spent a lot of time talking to her and petting her.  They got her treats and toys and a bed of her own.  When they went outside to hang clothes on the clothesline, they would take Sadie with them and tie her with a long rope to the clothes pole, so that she could walk around and explore in the grass, or just lie in the sun.  They took her for long walks on the leash, down the country road where they lived.

It took many months, but Sadie was smart and learned quickly.  She learned how to walk nicely on a leash.  She learned to play, chasing toys and bringing them back.  She learned to ask when she needed to go out to potty.  She learned that she had a name, Sadie.  After a while, the man, who was now Sadie’s daddy, took her on walks down the road to a big field near the house.  The field was surrounded by woods, and he let her run free there.  At first, she would not go far from him, and would always come back when he called her name.  One time,  however, she took off into the woods, chasing a deer, and she did not come back.  Her daddy called and called; he was worried about her, and he finally went home to get some one to help him look for Sadie.

Wasn’t he surprised, then, at what he saw when he got home!  There was Sadie, sitting on the porch!  She had found her way back home by herself, because she now knew where she belonged. She knew she had a family that loved her.  At last, Sadie had found a home of her own.


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